Term & Conditions

Our Products are based on using pure, natural and organic ingredients. But even these ingredients can sometimes cause allergic reactions to some individuals. Be sure to read the ingredients list and where applicable recommended methods of use before purchasing and using.

If you experience any discomfort please stop using the product immediately.We will not be held responsible for allergic reactions to ingredients, or accept returns owing to allergic reactions to ingredients.

As we never use any synthetic ingredients or dangerous preservatives we always recommend to keep the product in a cool dark environment, the refrigerator is ideal but out of sunlight or away from a warm enclosed environment will benefit the longevity and potency of the product.

The best practice is to keep water out of our products, except for soaps, and wash hands before touching the products or use a utensil to apply the product. We recommend a 6-8 month expiry from the date of purchase for our products.

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Organic products

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